Xaurum Mints

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Xaurum Mints

A Xaurum mint is composed of a Masternode containing 8000000 Xaurum and its Vassalnode that represents it. Xaurum mints profit from minting, and contribute to decentralization of profits. Each Mint also receives a private section on the Goldmine.

In a mint, Xaurum coinage has the greatest rewards. Here you can find the details of the Coinage formulas: Xaurum Coinage Spreadsheet


A masternode is an address with 8000000 Xaurum.


Vassalnodes represent the sovereignty of masternodes. They serve as the active wallet, used for signing, making transactions, minting and trading, while masternodes remain in cold storage.Vassalnodes remain valid until master node activity.

Creating a mint

To create a Xaurum mint, you need to link a Masternode and a Vassalnode. To do this, you must sign a message with your Masternode address, and include your Vassalnode public address as the message. Open Xaurum wallet, go on the Receive coins tab, click the Masternode address and press the “Sign message” button. When the signing tab appears, choose the Masternode public address to sign the message with. Paste the Vassalnode public address as the message and press the “Sign Message” button. Copy the Masternode public address, the message and the signature, this will be used for verification of the signed message. When Auresco verifies your signed message, your mint will be operational. To ensure legitimacy and transparency, anyone can verify the Masternode/Vassalnode pairs, by opening Xaurum wallet, going on Receive coins tab, clicking any address and pressing the Sign message button. When the signing tab appears, choose the Verify tab, paste the Masternode public address you are verifying, the message it has published, and the signature, then click “Verify message”.


When you have created a Xaurum Mint, mint owners can deposit fiat directly to Auresco Instutite bank account. Vassalnode verifies the mint owner and receives minted Xaurum. Mint owner must be a legal entity or a person that provides Auresco with additional personal information, reqired for AML & KYC. Auresco Institute adheres to the guidelines, regulations and recommendations relating to money laundering and terrorist financing and protect itself from involvement in any such activities. Auresco will strive to reasonably guarantee user’s privacy, however data submited may be submited to checks and crosschecks for compliance with a Anti-Money Laundering & Know Your Customer Policy.