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  • Join the rise of a digital asset with continuously growing gold base.

    Xaurum's continuously growing gold base and blockchain technology guarantee the highest level of security backed by transaction transparency on the public ledger.
    99,387,210.47 XAUR
    Total supply
    0.00 %
    Gold Growth per 1 XAUR/12 months
    92,902.12 g
    Gold Vault
    Token / Gold ratio
    1000 XAUR = 0.12424898 g/gold
    Trading volume / 24h
    0.00 $
    Token holders
    0 wallets
    Transactions / 24h
    Xaurums burned / 24h
    Xaurum gold base growth since 2015
    Due to its high reliability with regular gain and minimal risk, Xaurum provides steady and secure growth.
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    How it works

    Welcome to the Gold 2.0.

    Xaurum is the only digital asset with a continuously growing gold base. Together with the blockchain technology, it guarantees the highest level of security backed by transaction transparency on the public ledger.

    With each newly issued XAUR, all XAUR’s get backed with more gold.
    The amount of gold grows sig- nificantly more compared to the amount of XAUR coins issued.
    Every transaction means more gold for every XAUR holder.
    Every transaction reduces the amount of issued XAUR coins while the amount of gold re- mains unchanged.
    The amount of gold per XAUR is growing constantly.

    One of a kind.

    Xaurum assures permanent growth of its gold base (1g gold bars - 999,9; good delivery), which is equally distributed among all Xaurum coin holders.

    Why choose Xaurum

    Trust Is Something That Is Earned.

    At this moment in time, it’s hard to trust any currency in the world. Let’s take a quick look at the options available today:
    Unlike years before, today’s returns on deposits are below the inflation rate (+1.2% year to date gain).
    Bonds and Stocks
    Traditional investment is something that you will continue pursuing, but did you ever think about diversification ( bond's inflation calculation = +22% year to date gain )
    Always a good investment with one downside - gold doesn’t grow in quantity ( +1% year to date gain ).
    A highly volatile market with risk as the only constant (-90% to +3000% year to date loss/gain).
    Due to its high reliability with regular gain and minimal risk, Xaurum is often referred to as the 'blue chip of crypto'.
    Profitable Inflation
    The more Xaurum is coined and exchanged, the greater the value per Xaurum in gold.
    Growing Value
    Xaurum's gold based value is constantly growing with its use and coinage.
    The Gold Base
    Xaurum value is based on gold and can be exchanged for gold anytime.
    Common Wealth
    Xaurum has the first digital common wealth, represented by an open non-profit, Auresco Institute.
    Shared Fees
    All transaction fees are collected by the commonwealth, and its value is distributed to all users.
    Guarded Blockchain
    Xaurum is secured by Ethereum blockchain.

    We are here to help.

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    How to buy

    Xaurum provides many ways to buy XAUR - from one time purchase and regular fixed monthly payments through masternodes, to acquiring XAUR through several leading global exchanges. Choose what best suits your needs or feel free to contact our team for more information.
    One Time Purchase
    Buy XAUR with a one time XAUR purchase - easy, fast and secure.
    Monthly Payments
    Join the Xaurum saving program and go for the regular monthly payments.
    Purchase Exchange
    Get XAUR through several leading global exchanges, such as Bittrex.

    Xaurum is listed on the following exchanges:

    Meet the team

  • Gasper Kenda
    Creator & CEO at Auresco Institute