Marko Milenkovic

Xaurum Gamma project leader

26 years Holds the Position as Entrepreneur

26 years Present as a Chairman of leading Security Systems Company in East Europe

4 years Leading person in charge in Business development and all standard operational procedure construct in high calibre Security Entity Europe, Africa&Middle East

Master Internal Verifier for all complex security systems internationally

10 years career as Certified Security Manager

Chairman and C.E.O. in Exclusive&Luxury Real Estate Entity in Croatia and Slovenia with highest standards

Leading Manager and Person in charge for all security systems in DPS ( Diplomatic Protective Service U.K-East Africa )

Founder and C.E.O. in 3 Market leading companies dealing with:

-High Tech Security Solutions

-Construction Engineering and Property Designing (interiors and exteriors)

-Real Estate Investments Engineering

-Self investing real estate and property manufacturing with Exclusive Sales Finalisation

-Self owned Exclusive Properties in Rental domain with Highest Customer Service Activities

-Nautical Management & Services

-Yacht Designing and Design Evaluation

Gasper Kenda

Creator of Xaurum and Xaurum Gamma

Project leader of Xaurum

Founder and C.E.O. of Auresco Institute

Supervisor and Board Member of Xaurum Gamma Trust Reg.

Board Member of Xaurum Foundation

Owner and C.E.O. of other tourism and manufacturing related companies

In crypto scene since 2013

Consultant of other crypto projects

Jure Ristic

Xaurum Masternode

C.E.O. of Golden Node d. o. o.

Board Member of Xaurum Foundation

Board Member of Xaurum Gamma Trust Reg.

C.E.O. and owner of Discotheque and sales related companies